July 23, 2020
UAAC Board Statement on Black Lives Matter

In light of the terrible events of the last months, and in awareness of the long and reprehensible history to which they belong, we the members of the UAAC Board wish to express our support as an organization for Black Lives Matter in Canada, the United States and around the world. We abhor the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others, which are part of an historic and continuing pattern of violence. We stand in solidarity with BIPOC communities and with protesters of all races who express their righteous anger and demand for justice.

We condemn all forms of systemic racism, violence, bias, aggression and the marginalization of BIPOC communities, and will work to address these in our own organization. Specifically we commit to furthering our discussions to reflect on and to reform our organizational structures, our annual conference, and our publications, to ensure our support, and listen to our BIPOC colleagues, students, and to the larger BIPOC community.

As a board, we acknowledge our own privilege racially and economically, and realize the crucial importance of listening to and learning from BIPOC members of our own organization and elsewhere as to the most productive courses of action towards equity. We will seek to collaborate with peer organizations to share resources and learn how to support diverse scholarly voices. We will work to create platforms in our annual conference and in RACAR to address issues of race, racism and power. And we will continue with renewed urgency to reflect on and remake our own institutional structure to better reflect, represent and support our membership and our wider responsibilities to advocate for change.

On behalf of the UAAC Board

Ben Fullalove President