April 6, 2021
Statement: UAAC-AAUC Statement on Anti-Asian Violence and Racism

UAAC-AAUC condemns Anti-Asian racism and violence as highlighted by the recent events in Georgia, which is also present in our own communities, and exacerbated by the context of the current pandemic.  We acknowledge the long history of anti-Asian racism in Canada, and more specifically, the presence of racism in our own disciplines’ past and present.  We must create an open and direct dialogue on systemic issues, particularly those of race and equality. As an organization, we commit to making an intentional and visible effort to support these discussions and to pursuing change.

UAAC-AAUC will continue to initiate projects to highlight the scholarship of and by BIPOC and make space for initiatives driven by and for BIPOC members.

To this end, the UAAC-AAUC Board will:

  • Implement the strategic plan’s recommendation to reconsider its governance structure to better serve its diverse membership
  • Actively recruit more BIPOC members to run for UAAC Board positions and serve on the RACAR Advisory Board and Editorial Team
  • Form a working group to seek and support collaborations with peer organizations—such as the Diasporic Asian Art Network, NYU Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange, and Concordia Ethnocultural Art Histories Research, among other—to share resources and learn how we may support diverse voices
  • Work to generate a bibliography amplifying the work of Asian and BIPOC colleagues
  • Create platforms including a dedicated anti-racism caucus and spearheading collaborations at our annual conference
  • Establish a new award aimed at supporting BIPOC scholars at the annual conference (We will develop the submission details shortly and award the first recipient at our 2021 conference)

Resources and Support