As a member of UAAC-AAUC you will receive 10% off most regular-priced items in-store and online (some exceptions apply, does not apply to sales).

UAAC-AAUC Members also get a discount on their purchases ($1 = 1 point, and $250 = 5 points), as well as 100 bonus points upon registration.

These points quickly turn into a gift card that members can use on their purchases. Stay tuned for special promotions for our association!
How does it work?


Present your proof of membership to receive your Creative Club Associations card.

1. Create your account and click on Join the Creative Club.

2. To enjoy the discount, confirm your Association Status by providing a proof of membership to UAAC-AAUC.

3. Complete your online profile within the first 14 days and make a purchase to get 100 bonus points! Memberships will be valid for one year.

To learn more about UAAC-AAUC partnership with DeSerres click here.