September 27, 2022
Call for papers: The Artist’s studio experience in Canada

22-09-19_Studios Call for papers ENG

From 2018 to 2021, a SSHRC-funded research project (Laurier Lacroix, Dominic Hardy, co-investigators) collected data on the functions and representations of the studio of international publications on the artist’s studio, critical approaches have yet to be undertaken; this symposium offers the opportunity to develop just such a framework in order to examine Canadian artists’ studio experiences, both past and present.

The symposium has the following objectives:
– To take stock of the state of research about artists’ studios in Canada, from the 19th century to today
– To develop a theoretical and methodological framework that can be used to analyze the artist’s studio and its functions
– To encourage the presentation of case studies
– To gather first-hand accounts from practicing artists.
By establishing a dialogue between researchers and practitioners, the symposium welcomes proposals that can touch on but are not limited to the following topics: – Defining and designing the studio: Where and when does the studio take place? – Monographic case studies on artists’ studios – The studio’s role in building community / communities – The relationship between the studio and the type of works produced in it – The functions of the studio: creation, storage, mentorship, administration, post-production and presentation space… – Production conditions in the studio: solitude/sociability, access to equipment/storage… – How do post-1970 artistic practices (in situ, performance, etc.) change the role of the studio? – Strategies for adapting the studio (disadvantaged background, minority groups) – The studio of the future – Representing the studio in exhibitions – The studio as historical site/museum/exhibition space – The studio in fiction (literature and cinema) – The studio in the urban fabric – Impact of socioeconomic and physical conditions on access to studios Various forms of presentation are invited:
– 1) 15-minute paper
– 2) 3-minute presentation (Pecha Kucha format)
– 3) Poster presentation to be published on the conference blog
– 4) Visual presentation from artists to be posted on the conference blog Proposals for papers must be submitted by October 15, 2022, to the following address:
Each proposal should include:
– A title, followed by a brief statement of the topic (150 words maximum) and the form that this presentation will take.
– A brief biographical summary of the presenter (100 words maximum); please add mailing address and, if applicable, institutional affiliation.

Organizing Committee Sandra Fraser, Remai Modern / Dominic Hardy, UQAM/ Laurier Lacroix, UQAM Scientific Committee Sherry Farrell-Racette, University of Manitoba / Sandra Fraser, Remai Modern / Dominic Hardy, UQAM / Laurier Lacroix, UQAM / Julia Polyck-O’Neill, York University