Graduate Student Essay Award

Graduate students who presented papers at the current annual UAAC-AAUC conference can submit complete versions of their essays, in English or French, for consideration by the UAAC-AAUC Board for the Annual Graduate Student Essay Award. The winning essay will be awarded a $250 prize and will be published in the subsequent spring issue of RACAR.

2023Raphaël OuelletFrom Forms to Form: Micro-Art Histories of Bureaucracy and the practice of bureaucratic everyday life
2022Georgia Phillips-AmosA Threatening Presence: Regina José Galindo’s Aparición
2021Erika KindsfatherFrom Activism to Artistic Practice: (Re)imagining Indigenous Women’s Labour Activism in Contemporary Art
2020Marie Ferron-DesautelsSatire et sociabilité au cœur de la pratique caricaturale de Lady Dalhousie (1786–1839) : vers une histoire des femmes caricaturistes britanniques
2019Sarah CarterIndia and the Antiquarian Image: Richard Payne Knight’s A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus
2018Caitlin E. RyanEli Lotar and Jacques-André Boiffard aboard the Exir Dallen
2017Vanessa BatemanUrsus Horribilis: Seth Kinman’s Grizzly Chair at the World’s Columbian Exposition
2016Elysia H. FrenchTransformations of Oil: Visibility, Scale, and Climate in Warren Cariou’s Petrography
2015Elizabeth Anne CavaliereOnward! Canadian Expansionist Outlooks and the Photographs that Serve Them
2014Kathryn DesplanqueRepeat Offenders: Reprinting Visual Satire Across France’s Long Eighteenth Century
2013Jennifer OrpanaTurning the World Inside Out: Situating JR’s Wish within Cultures of Participation
2012Erin McLeodBy a Wing and a Tale: Authenticating the Archive in Mohamad Said Baalbaki’s Al Buraq | The Prophet’s Human-Headed Mount