January 13, 2021
Announcement of the retirement of our long-time Office Administrator

Dear Members,

It’s with some regret that I announce the retirement of our long-time Office Administrator, Fran Pauzé. Fran has served in her position since 2009 and has been an invaluable resource to our organization. Fran has shepherded us through our meetings, looked after our bills, updated our website, kept track of our membership, and reminded me — sometimes repeatedly but always patiently and politely! — to pay my annual dues. Her careful stewardship has ensured UAAC is in a more stable financial position than many institutions.  Her role in facilitating the smooth running of UAAC’s annual conferences has been especially important.  She will be greatly missed, for the care and attention she has always brought to the position,  her real dedication to the organization, and for her warmth and good humour. The Board wishes her the very best for the future.

Ben Fullalove, President UAAC