Art Canada Institute

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  • cover of book 'Emily Carr: Life & Work' by Lisa Baldissera, 2021.
  • cover of book 'Robert Houle: Life & Work' by Shirley Madill, 2021.
  • cover of book 'Iljuwas Bill Reid: Life & Work' by Gerald McMaster, 2022.
Blue Medium Press

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  • cover of book 'Shelley Niro: Seeing Through Memory' by Madeline Lennon, 2014.
  • cover of book 'Aganetha Dyck: The Power of the Small' by Julian Jason Haladyn, 2017.
  • cover of book 'Containing Capitalism: Disease as Transgression in Cronenberg’s Shivers' by Émilie von Garan, 2018.
McGill-Queen's University Press

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  • cover of book 'For the Temporary Accommodations of Settlers: Architecture and Immigrant Reception in Canada, 1870-1930' by David Monteyne. Dec 2021.
  • cover of book 'Photogenic Montreal: Activisms and Archives in a Post-industrial City' edited by Martha Langford and Johanne Sloan. Dec 2021.
  • cover of book 'Voluntary Detours: Small-Town and Rural Museums in Alberta' by Lianne McTavish. Oct 2021.
  • cover of book 'Women at the Helm: How Jean Sutherland Boggs, Hsio-yen Shih, and Shirley L. Thomson Changed the National Gallery of Canada' by Diana Nemiroff. Oct 2021.
  • cover of book 'Object Lives and Global Histories in Northern North America, Material Culture in Motion, c.1780-1980' edited by Beverly Lemire, Laura Peers and Anne Whitelaw. Jan 2021.
  • cover of book 'Suspended Conversations: The Afterlife of Memory in Photographic Albums, Second Edition' by Martha Langford. Jul 2021.

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  • cover of RACAR 46, no. 1 (2021)
  • cover of RACAR Vol. 45, no. 2 (2020)
  • cover of RACAR Vol. 45, no. 1 (2020)
UBC Press/Agency

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  • cover of book 'Mischief Making: Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, Art, and the Seriousness of Play' by Nicola Levell; foreword by Nobuhiro Kishigami. 2021.
  • cover of book 'So Much More Than Art: Indigenous Miniatures of the Pacific Northwest' by Jack Davy. 2021.
  • cover of book 'Adjusting the Lens: Indigenous Activism, Colonial Legacies, and Photographic Heritage' edited by Sigrid Lien and Hilde Wallem Nielssen. 2021.
  • cover of book by John O'Brian, 'The Bomb in the Wilderness: Photography and the Nuclear Era in Canada' (UBC Press 2020)
  • cover of book 'Chromatic: Ten Meditations on Crisis in Art and Letters' by Purang Abolmaesumi, Jennifer Black, Lara Boyd, Carrie Jenkins, Hoi Kong, M.V. Ramana, Steven Reynolds, Michelle Stack, Sheila Teves, and Y-Dang Troeung. Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies. Pub: Oct 1, 2021.
  • cover of book by Ken Lum, 'Everything is Relevant: Writings on Art and Life, 1991-2018', January 2020
  • cover of book by Colin Campbell, 'More Voice-Over: Colin Campbell Writings', edited by Jon Davies, February 2021