Book Launch & Roundtable

Fri Oct 16 / 16:00 – 17:30 / public
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The Bomb in the Wilderness, by John O’Brian (UBC Press, 2020)

Erin Siddall, Peace Camp Circle, 2017, in Through Post-Atomic Eyes (MQUP, 2020)

Photography and contemporary art play a significant role in shaping public perceptions of nuclear events, and offer a provocative lens through which to comprehend the by-products of the atomic age.

The Bomb in the Wilderness, by John O’Brian (UBC Press, 2020), 20% discount code

Through Post-Atomic Eyes, edited by Claudette Lauzon and John O’Brian (MQUP, 2020), 20% discount code

Please join us for a roundtable conversation on a wide-ranging set of topics, from Canada’s nuclear footprint to weapons proliferation and climate change, with guest speakers John O’Brian, Claudette Lauzon, Lindsey A. Freeman and Erin Siddall. The roundtable will be followed by a live Q+A moderated by Svitlana Matviyenko.

We are grateful to the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University and the Universities Art Association of Canada for making this event possible.

  • cover of book by John O'Brian, 'The Bomb in the Wilderness: Photography and the Nuclear Era in Canada' (UBC Press 2020)
  • cover of book by Claudette Lauzon and John O'Brian, 'Through Post-Atomic Eyes' (McGill-Queen's, 2020)
  • Much gratitude to the sponsors of this session.

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