2020 Online Conference of the Universities Art Association of Canada

Congrès en ligne 2020 de l’Association d’art des universités du Canada

October 15 – 17 octobre


When we started planning the UAAC 2020 conference over a year ago, we dreamily envisioned welcoming delegates to Vancouver, British Columbia, for the first time since 1997. Misty evening walks through the Gastown neighbourhood where Simon Fraser University was to host the conference... read more


Charmaine Nelson

thu oct 15 / 13:30 – 15:00 / public

When in 1688, King Louis XIV of France was petitioned to allow the importation of enslaved people from the French Caribbean into New France, he expressed concern for the ability of Africans to adapt to Canadian winters... read more


Stan Douglas

sat oct 17 / 13:30 – 15:00 / public

A keynote conversation between artist Stan Douglas and curator Melanie O’Brian, hinging on Douglas’ recent and upcoming work. The conversation will consider patterns of history, the public realm and ‘showing up’... read more

President's Message

When we concluded our very successful conference last year in Quebec City, it was with the anticipation that we would all meet again this October in Vancouver, where our fifty-third annual conference was scheduled to take place... read more

Book Launch & Roundtable

Fri Oct 16 / 16:00 – 17:30 / public

Closing Remarks & Awards

Thank you for joining us at the 2020 UAAC conference! We're pleased to announce this year's award recipients: the UAAC-AAUC Recognition Award to Martha Langford, and the UAAC-AAUC Lifetime Achievement Award to John O'Brian... read more

  • cover of book by Johanna Amos and Lisa Binkley, 'Stitching the Self: Identity and the Needle Arts' (Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2020)
  • cover of book by Sylvia Grace Borda and Jordan Strome, 'Shifting Perspectives' (Heritage House and Surrey Art Gallery, 2020)
  • cover of book by Heather Diack, 'Documents of Doubt: The Photographic Conditions of Conceptual Art' (University of Minnesota Press, 2020)
  • cover of book by Menno Hubregtse, 'Wayfinding, Consumption, and Air Terminal Design' (Routledge, 2020)
  • cover of book by Natalie Loveless, 'Knowings and Knots: Methodologies and Ecologies in Research-Creation' (University of Alberta Press, 2019)
  • cover of book by Olivier Vallerand, 'Unplanned Visitors: Queering the Ethics and Aesthetics of Domestic Space' (McGill-Queen's, 2020)